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The Capable 16-Subject Digital Notebook

The Capable 16-Subject Digital Notebook

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Unlock the power of digital organization with The Capable 16-Subject Digital Notebook - the must-have companion for every student's study, note-taking, and journaling journey. Experience the convenience of having all your notes electronically organized in one place!

This digital notepad includes:

  • 30 covers (15 portrait & 15 landscape)
  • Portrait view mode & landscape view mode
  • Multicolor and Nude Tabs

BONUS: 80 Transparent Digital Stickies


  • 16 Hyperlinked Tabs
  • 16 Hyperlinked Section Dividers Dashboard 
  • 24 Hyperlinked Page Templates


  • Full Grid
  • 2 column grid
  • 3 column grid
  • Cornell Grid
  • Full Dotted 
  • 2 column dotted
  • 3 column dotted
  • Cornell Dotted
  • Full Wide Rule
  • 2 column wide rule
  • 3 column wide rule
  • Cornell Wide Rule
  • Full College Rule
  • 2 column college rule
  • 3 column college rule
  • Cornell College rule
  • Chemistry
  • Hexagonal
  • Isometric
  • Engineering


  • Notebooks were created for and recommend to use in Goodnotes
  • Compatible with: Noteshelf, Penly, Xodo, Notability, Zoomnotes, KiloNote, and other PDF readers.

(Note: Sticker functionality may be limited in certain apps)

  • Can be synced across Apple devices and most Android devices
  • Notebooks can be used for school, teaching, work, business, fitness, meal planning, etc. (just add inserts to planner to customize it) We have several to choose from on our website.
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