2024-2025 Midyear "The Overcomer" Digital Planner - Landscape & Portrait

2024-2025 Midyear "The Overcomer" Digital Planner - Landscape & Portrait

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Are you ready to overcome any obstacles and achieve your dreams? Introducing "The Overcomer Digital Planner" – your ultimate tool for success. With both dated and undated options, this planner empowers you to take control of your life, set clear goals, and track your progress with ease.

Unleash your creative side with the built-in vision board feature, where you can visualize your aspirations and manifest them into reality. Stay focused and motivated as you break down your big dreams into actionable mini goals, making every step of your journey attainable and fulfilling.

Boost your productivity like never before with the efficient layout and intuitive navigation. Seamlessly plan your days, weeks, and months, prioritizing your tasks and optimizing your time to achieve maximum results.

Whether you're a student, a professional, or an entrepreneur, this digital planner is your ally in conquering challenges and surpassing your own expectations. Embrace the power of "The Overcomer Digital Planner" and unlock your true potential. Start transforming your life today.


  • Monday and Sunday Start Templates 
  • 6 color Tab Options (multicolor nude, nude, rose, cocoa, black, and pastel)
  • Pre Cropped Digital Stickers and Widgets
  • 31 Covers


  • Monthly Calendar Templates hyperlinked to weekly and daily templates
  • Customizable Dashboard where you can add your own inserts
  • Apple & Google Integration available
  • Expenses Section
  • Yearly Overview
  • Goals and Vision Board Sections
  • Master To Do List Section
  • Extra templates (blank, dotted, grid, lined)


  • Planners were created for and recommend to use in Goodnotes
  • Compatible with: Noteshelf, Penly, Xodo, Notability, Zoomnotes, and other PDF readers.

(Note: Sticker functionality may be limited in certain apps)

  • Can be synced across Apple devices and most Android devices
  • Planner can be used for school, teaching, work, business, fitness, meal planning, etc. (just add inserts to planner to customize it) We have several to choose from on our website.
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